Suburban Chicago Woman Accused of Killing Her Husband via Poisoned Smoothie

After more than 31 years of marriage, a suburban Chicago woman, Julia L. Gutierrez, has been accused of her putting poison in her husband Eduardo’s smoothie in an attempt to kill him.


‘Temazepam’ Insomnia Sedative Placed in Smoothie During Attempted Murder-Suicide


Both 53 years old and living in Geneva, Illinois outside of Chicago, investigators say that Mrs. Gutierrez was evidently planning on taking her own life with Temazepam, the same prescription pills that she was planning on killing her husband with. Temazepam is a prescription medication used to slow down brain activity as an aid to chronic insomnia.


Eduardo Gutierrez Found Dead Upon Police Arrival, Julia Gutierrez “In Need of Medical Assistance”


When officers arrived on the scene for a welfare check at the Gutierrez home on the first block of Crissey Avenue in Geneva this past Thursday evening, they found Mrs. Gutierrez “in need of medical assistance” after she had ingested the Temazepam herself, while Mr. Gutierrez was already dead when officers arrived. Toxicology reports on Mr. Gutierrez are still pending, but they will be able to exactly confirm the cause of death; possibly neurological, cardiac arrest, or his breathing was halted by the drug. The exact cause is yet to be determined.


Quiet Community Rocked By the First Homicide in Over 39 Years


According to police reports, Mrs. Gutierrez mixed the Temazepam into her husband’s smoothie and gave it to him before ingesting the pills herself sometime between January 26th and January 28th. The welfare check occurred on January 28th, so it’s possible that Mr. Gutierrez had been dead for some time, and Mrs. Gutierrez had been incapacitated by the drug, as well.


Geneva, Illinois hadn’t experienced a homicide in the area in almost forty years until Mr. Gutierrez’s murder. Neighbors told local media that the Gutierrezes were well-liked; Mrs. Gutierrez would share vegetables and produce from her backyard garden, and Mr. Gutierrez would by do odd jobs for families in and around the quiet Geneva neighborhood.


Details Surrounding the Murder Are Still Unclear, Suspect Faces Up To 6 Decades in Prison


The motive behind the attempted murder-suicide is not yet known, nor is known if there are any children or close surviving family members left behind by the couple. An obituary for the committed Seventh Day Adventist did not list any children for the couple. If convicted, Julia Gutierrez could face up to 60 years in prison for first-degree murder, according to Kane County prosecutors.


Mental Illness May Be a Factor in First-Degree Murder of Eduardo Gutierrez


Julia Gutierrez’ mental stability will play a significant role in the court proceedings to follow. She’ll likely be placed on suicide watch for the time being, given her recent attempts to end her own life along with her husband’s. She’s scheduled to appear in bond court this week, and more details about her possible conviction will be released at a later date. The full hearing has been moved to Wednesday morning, following her previously scheduled bond court hearing on Tuesday.


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